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Happy Hippos Herbals

Happy Hippos Herbals

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Happy Hippo only sells the freshest, cleanest and highest-quality plain leaf Kratom for your hobby and craft needs. We do not sell extracts or enhanced blends. As of 2016, we’ve also been able to offer competitive prices! Our Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is harvested on several different plantations (sources) in the South Pacific. We only work with plantations that have extensive harvesting procedures and explain their process to us. Happy Hippo is committed to give you the highest-quality, cleanest and freshest Kratom incense you can find on Planet Earth.

Kratom Varieties for Sale

Bali    Borneo    Green Malaysian    Maeng da Thai    Red Vein    Sumatran    Super Indo    Thai    UEI    White Vein

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