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Listing Guidelines Guidelines is a professional site focused on matching vendors with potential customers ready to buy. We expect the tone and quality of advertisements purchased through Ads to be. OR (to be of a professional, high quality standard)

These Advertising Guidelines represent an overview of minimum-acceptable standards for advertising through Ads – any ad that violates any of the guidelines below will be removed from the system (and further action may be taken). determines the professionalism and appropriateness of any advertisement on the site, and reserves the right to take appropriate action against any advertisement deemed unsuitable for the site.

Accuracy: Do not deceive or lie in your ad
  • Your product or service must accurately match the text of your ad – don’t lie.
  • Do not make deceptive or inaccurate claims about competitors’ products or services.
  • Do not advertise prices or offers within your advertisement. We encourage you to include a link to your own website which can disclose your pricing information.
Ad Text: Do not use non-standard spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, or repetition in your ad
  • Do not use excessive capitalization in your ad. With the exception of valid acronyms, words should never be fully capitalized in your ad.
  • Do not use excessive or inappropriate punctuation in your ad. Do not repeat punctuation and do not use more than a single exclamation point in your ad.
  • Do not use any symbols (i.e. *, @) in a manner that differs from its standard meaning. Do not use a symbol in replacement of a letter (‘cl!ck’).
  • Do not repeat words or phrases in your ad.
  • Please use correct spelling and grammar in the text of your ad.
Language: Do not use inappropriate or unacceptable language in your ad
  • Do not use inappropriate or unprofessional language in your ad.
  • Do not use language that could be considered offensive by any viewer of your ad.
  • is the sole judge of the appropriateness of any words or phrases in your advertisement.
Link Behavior: Do not deceive, confuse, or otherwise degrade the experience of members who click on your ad
  • The domain of your Display URL must match the domain of your Destination URL.
  • All members must be sent to the same destination URL and landing page from a click on your ad
  • The landing page must allow users to use the browser’s ‘Back’ button and return to the page that the ad was displayed on (this is good!  But can we actually make sure that it happens??)
Trademarks: Do not use trademarks that you are not permitted to use
  • Your ad must not include any text that may be deemed as infringing upon the trademarks of other parties unless express permission has been granted by the trademark owner
  • Trademark owners can send concerns about the use of their trademarks to Customer Service. Any ad found to be infringing on the trademark of a complainant will be removed from
Content: Ads does not allow advertising related to any of the following:
  • Illegal products or services of any kind
  • Sexual or adult content
  • Illegal downloads of software, media, or other copyrighted content
  • Hate or violent text advocating against any individual, group, or organization
  • Bulk marketing products
  • Multi-level Marketing programs, scams, or pyramid schemes
  • Inflammatory religious content
  • Inflammatory political content Do not use in your ad
  • Do not refer to (the corporation, brand, or site) in your ad
Affiliate Advertising: No affiliate advertising through Ads
  • Affiliate ads and related programs are not allowed to advertise using Ads
Data Collection: Do not use an ad to facilitate collection of a member’s data, including:
  • Demographic or usage data
  • Usernames or passwords from the member for use on or any other site
  • Phishing or other scamming tactics to collect sensitive personal information or money